Develop Your Skills

Student Program: 

Tolko has opportunities for post-secondary students in several disciplines. Our student program has continued to increase in size since it launched in 2011. Tolko students are rewarded with interesting work, competitive pay and the opportunity to experience hands-on learning from industry professionals.

Lifelong Learning:

We believe there are always things to learn and ways to do things better. Tolko‚Äôs investment in people through training and development includes a defined learning structure and culture of continuous improvement designed to create opportunities for you to develop both technical and leadership skills. Training programs, designed with you the learner in mind, are aligned to and updated regularly to meet the business needs of today and in the future.

Continuing Education Support:

We encourage our employees to further their knowledge and skills in areas related to their work. As such, Tolko has developed a tuition reimbursement program to assist our employees in offsetting the cost of tuition and books.

Learn from the Best and Brightest in the Industry:

Our employees are some of the best and brightest in the industry; committed to their work, families, and communities. We work hard to create a positive, open, dynamic environment where people are empowered to achieve more. We'll help you learn and build your career by:

  • Providing training to ensure you work successfully and safely
  • Providing new challenges and learning opportunities
  • Providing and being open to feedback
  • Understanding and supporting your career goals