T-TEC LSL Rim Board 1.35E

T Tec Lsl Rim Board

Rim board fills the space between the sill plate and the bottom wall plate, or between the top plate and the bottom plate in multi-floor construction. In addition to filling the void, rim board is an integral structural component that transfers both lateral and vertical forces.

Building with Confidence

Tolko T-TEC LSL Rim Board is a structural-use product that is manufactured in accordance with the Performance Standard for APA EWS Rim Boards PRR-401 ANSI PRR-410 and meets or exceeds the requirements given in the ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria for Wood-based Rim Board Products, AC124.

When to choose T-TEC LSL Rim Board

T-TEC LSL Rim Board has a lower moisture content than sawn lumber and is therefore resistant to shrinking. When sawn lumber rim boards are used with engineered wood I-joists, they dry and shrink leaving an unwanted gap between the rim board and flooring. This gap reduces the ability to properly transfer loads. When using engineered wood I-joists always choose T-TEC LSL Rim Board to ensure your rim board will not shrink and will perform as required.

Benefits of T-TEC LSL Rim Board

T-TEC LSL Rim Board is preferred by builders because it is a highly predictable and uniform engineered wood that is sawn to consistent sizes and resists warping and splitting.

T-TEC LSL Rim Board benefits include:

  • A design compatible with the new generation of engineered wood I-joists
  • Protection from the elements on a job-site with a tan coloured edge seal
  • Consistency and uniformity along the entire length achieved with a continuous press
  • Fewer voids and a better surface quality than sawn lumber
  • Optional Zinc Borate protection
  • An unbeatable lifetime warranty