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Finger Joint Studs

Selected for quality, joined for strength.
Tolko Finger Joint Studs are made up of true and strong sections of our SPF stud lumber. By joining quality pieces together, we are able to offer a stronger, straighter stud with minimized warping and twisting.

Smooth Finish: Tolko Finger Joint Studs are planed after finger jointing. This produces a smoother finish and a cleaner looking surface with no offset.

Finger Orientation: Tolko Finger Joint Studs feature 7/8” fingers running down the 2 inch side of the stud. This provides a more visually appealing front and back and a nearly seamless joint.

Strength and Straightness:  The defects found in regular studs are cut out to manufacture a Tolko Finger Joint Stud making it as strong or stronger than regular studs and improving straightness.

Cleaner Appearance: Tolko uses a superior Wonderbond EPR-20-VS white glue that dries clear for an appealing appearance. This glue holds better under pressure and will not break under flex.

Tolko packaging: Tear-resistant woven-poly bags protect Tolko Finger Joint Studs against moisture and contaminants during shipping.

Grades: Riverside #2 (Enhanced #2 Grade) and Stud (Stud Grade)
Sizes: 2" x 4" and 8', 9', 10' PET
Fingers: 7/8"
Species: SPF
Mill Origin: Soda Creek