Contact our lumber sales team.

Below you'll find a team of knowledgeable and experienced experts, ready to help you choose the best Tolko Lumber product for your application, ensure trouble-free delivery, and even discuss proper use and installation. Each member of your sales team is eager to make certain you're completely satisfied with Tolko service, and your Tolko Lumber product.

General Contact Details
PO Box Box 39, Vernon, BC, Canada V1T 6M1
3000-28 Street, Vernon BC, Canada
Phone: 250-549-5300
Fax: 250-545-5133

For international customers, please contact our International Sales and Marketing Team.

Alex Langley

Lumber Sales Manager

Phone: 250-541-7729 Fax: 250-547-1318

Kevin Rasmussen

Lumber Sales Representative

Phone: 250-549-5385 Fax: 250-545-5133

Peter MacLachlan

Product Specialists - Studs

Phone: 250-549-5351 Fax: 250-545-5133

Lance Loose

Lumber Sales Representative

Phone: 250-549-5368 Fax: 250-545-0395

Rick Stoltz

Lumber Sales Representative

Phone: 250-549-5352 Fax: 250-545-5133

Gail Courterielle

Lumber Sales Representative

Phone: 250-549-5374 Fax: 250-545-5133

Nathalie Pellizzari

Lumber Sales Representative Trainee

Phone: 250-550-2575 Fax: 250-545-5133

Patrick Ryan

Lumber Sales Representative Trainee

Phone: 250-550-1439 Fax: 250-545-5133

Brittny Wilson

Lumber Sales Representative Trainee

Phone: 250-550-1428 Fax: 250-545-5133

Rick Toews

Lumber Product Coordinator

Phone: 250 - 549-5371 Fax: 250-545-5133

Danica Block

Lumber Product Coordinator

Phone: 250-549-5319 Fax: 250-545-5133

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