OSB Rim Board


Tolko Rim Board is designed to meet your needs consistently, perform to your high standards, and support your project with engineered strength.

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Tolko Rim Board fills the space between the sill plate and the bottom wall plate, or between the top plate and the bottom plate in multi-floor construction. In addition, to filling the void, rim board is an integral structural component that transfers both lateral and vertical forces. To function properly, the rim board must match the depth of framing members. 

Setting the Standards

Tolko Rim Board has greater dimensional stability, higher strength, increased structural reliability, consistent quality, and a lower tendency to check or split than sawn lumber. 

Available Thicknesses and Sizes

Thicknesses Lengths
1”, 1-1/8” and 1-1/4” 8' to 24' lengths available
Primary lengths are 12', 16' and 24'

Building with Confidence

Tolko Performance Rated Rim Board Plus are structural-use panels that are manufactured in accordance with the Performance Standard for APA EWS Rim Boards PRR-401 ANSI PRR-410, CCMC 13238-L and meet or exceed the requirements given in the ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria for Wood-based Rim Board Products, AC124.