T Ply Select Grid Ccht

It's what's underneath that counts.

Tolko T-Ply Select Grid CCHT provides a smooth start to your CARPET, CERAMIC TILE, HARDWOOD, and TERRAZZO floors. The precision grid saves time for the installer and makes it easy for the professional or the home handyman to do the job right the first time. Give your project a head start and use Tolko T-Ply Select Grid CCHT to lay the ground work.

Stiff and stable providing a solid base for  CARPET, CERAMIC TILE, HARDWOOD and TILE floors.

Uniform surface
Precision-sanded and fully filled for a uniform panel surface.

Easy installation
Tolko’s ink-jetted fastener guide facilitates speed and precision during installation. The panel face is marked every 6" around the panel edge and 8" in the inner field. Ensure a high quality finished floor; follow detailed storage, handling and installation instructions.

Versatile and durable
Thoroughly tested and customer approved. Tolko T-Ply Select Grid CCHT is quality-assured by a third-party grading agency, APA EWS

WarrantedBacked by Tolko’s no-nonsense, transferable, 25-year warranty against delamination.