We build our products to endure

For over half a century, Tolko’s Lake Country division has supplied over one million bins to markets in both Canada and the United States. We build our bins and crates with high grade exterior plywood. First, we ensure that every piece is “hand-graded” to ensure that the material meets our high standards. Then, and only then, do we begin building harvest bins, as well as industrial crates.

No matter the nature of your business, we extend to you the same offer that we extend to those who require packaging materials and shipping containers: ISPM 15-certified wood, heat-treated to meet international environmental regulations.

Why Tolko Lake Country?

  1. We build our products to endure: Tolko crates and bins boast extended life spans. We achieve this through a latex sealant that protects your industrial crates or harvest bins from degradation by UV light and by exposure to other elements. It’s even safe for our organic growers
  2. We also construct our products with you in mind. From creating crates and bins with custom sizes and specifications, to stenciling your company’s name/logo on the finished products, we specialize in meeting your unique requirements.
  3. We’re here for you every step of the way: if you need to export your products, you can combine your order with packaging material, or also order a shipping container. From crating, to packaging, to shipping requirements, we can do everything you need to be successful.
  4. We’re also here for you even after the job is done: budget-friendly replacement parts and hardware are available for your convenience.

Something for Everyone

Take a look at our various types of bins and crates (all can be heat-treated and ISPM 15-certified):
  • Agricultural Bins: known as harvest bins; long-lasting and reliable
  • Industrial Containers: heavy-duty, durable custom containers
  • Specialty Crates and Bins: custom-designed; quality innovation you can depend on

Easy to do business with. Product quality and consistency. On-time shipping. This is what Tolko is built on.