Specialty Products

We provide dependable, certified options for all kinds of products and purposes, from crating to packaging to custom cutting/precision trimming and industrial packaging materials and specialty products.

Our specialty products include:
  • Industrial pallets
  • Cherry pallets
  • Custom-built pallets
  • Fencing (dog-eared and square-top)
  • Flooring substrate
  • All sizes blocking materials

Industrial Packaging Materials

At Tolko, we offer the whole package: a comprehensive set of certified packaging products, designed to protect your shipment so that it arrives safely at its destination. 

Materials include:

  • Crating
  • Kiln sticks
  • Dunnage
  • Lath
  • Bracing
  • Framing

Our products can be ISPM 15-certified to follow international regulations. The purpose of the International Plant Protection Convention (ISPM 15) standard for wood packaging products is to protect the health and biodiversity of forests by preventing the spread of wood pests to other parts of the world. This certification is crucial for international export; uncertified crates, packaging and shipping containers may be destroyed. 

Certification requires these key elements:

  • Heat-treating: Tolko’s treatment eliminates potential pests
  • Stamping: We stamp shipping containers with the proper symbol so that authorities at the receiving end recognize that the crating and packaging is ISPM-certified

Easy to do business with. Product quality and consistency. On-time shipping. This is what Tolko is built on.