World-class timber for the world’s markets.

Tolko sells quality timbers to the oil and gas industry, rail, timber-frame construction companies, bridge builders and remanufacturers. Grown and harvested in inland British Columbia, these timbers feature tight-grain fibre, with impressive structural strength, as well as natural beauty.

With the recent addition of new state-of-the-art equipment that cuts larger timbers, we offer a broader range of timbers than ever before.

  • The new head rig results in accurate sawing, helping customers avoid the need to re-size the timbers to meet their specifications
  • The new head rig also has the capability to recover more lumber and timber from each log, yielding higher-value products from each log, optimizing our natural resources
  • The equipment upgrades allow us to better serve domestic as well as international markets

Available sizes
3x3 to 12x12
Larger upon request

Up to 20'

Available grades
NLGA paragraph 130/131
FOHC (free of heart centre)
Select structural

Available species
Douglas fir
Western larch
Engelmann spruce
Lodgepole pine
Western hemlock

Moisture content
Green timbers

Rough timbers

Easy to do business with. Product quality and consistency. On-time shipping. This is what Tolko is built on.