Values and Vision. 

At Tolko, our values, vision and mission aren’t just what we believe. They’re how we work, live and serve our customers every day.

Our Vision 

To be a top-decile forest products company providing strong customer value, while operating sustainably and achieving world class performance.

Our Mission 

To be an environmentally-responsible and innovative company that prospers and grows by serving the needs of diverse customers in world markets, with products derived from the forest.

Our Values  

  • SAFETY: Our employees are our most valuable resource, and nothing is more important than their personal safety.
  • RESPECT: Respect for people is the foundation for all our business practices. We will show respect for people through our commitment to safety, the environment and internal and external business relationships.
  • PROGRESSIVENESS: Being progressive is essential for the health of the company. We believe that being progressive and constantly seeking ways to improve is essential for the growth of the company. Everyone is encouraged to propose new ideas and to take ownership for their work. Individual initiative and innovation are valued.
  • INTEGRITY: Integrity is essential in all business relationships. We believe that integrity in business is as important to the company as an individual’s personal reputation and self-worth. The pride we all take in working for the company demands we must be honest, fair and ethical.
  • OPEN COMMUNICATION: Open communication will enhance employee job satisfaction and performance. We believe that open, constructive communication will develop a shared commitment by all employees to achieve company goals.
  • PROFIT: Profits are essential to the success of the company, employees and business partners. We believe that profits will support growth, employment stability and our ability to meet changing customer needs.