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Customer Commitments

Tolko customers say they value our

We asked our customers what they value in their partnership with Tolko to better understand why they repeatedly choose our products, our people, and our services. Their responses define the value we bring to the industry and we're proud of how these six elements elevate our offering.

What do YOU value?


Product Quality and Consistency

We provide a wide range of wood products with consistent quality and dependable performance.

Our customers trust in the reliability of our products and feel confident promoting them to their customers.

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We develop meaningful relationships with our customers based on trust, honesty and a commitment to understand their business.

Our customers value their personal relationships with our sales representatives and trust that we will honour our commitments and support them as best we can.

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On-Time Shipping

We provide realistic delivery dates and consistently achieve on-time shipping.

Our dedication to on-time shipping allows our customers to depend on Tolko as a reliable business partner.



We are nimble and use our full team of professionals and diverse product mix to provide solutions.

Our customers appreciate our ability to work as a team to provide the best support for their unique challenges.



We are consistent with our strategy and conduct business with transparency and honesty.

Our customers trust that our actions are guided by our values and we will do what we say.


T-LINK Product Distribution Network

We provide quick shipments, dependable availability and flexible problem solving with our T-LINK Product Distribution Network.

Our customers appreciate our commitment to ensuring our products are available in their market so they can support their customers with confidence.

View our T-LINK Product Distribution Network.

Partner with Tolko and discover how consistent quality, dependable relationships, on-time shipping, flexibility, integrity and our T-LINK network can help build your business.