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World-class timbers for the world market

Featuring lumber harvested throughout inland British Columbia, our timbers are chosen for their tight-grain fibre, which offers impressive structural strength, as well as natural beauty.

A better timber

Our head rig offers advanced capabilities allowing us to better serve domestic as well as international markets. That includes the ability to better mill to custom size specifications, ensuring our customers won’t require re-sizing. Because our rig gives us the ability to recover more lumber and timber from each log, we can yield higher-value products and optimize our natural resources.

Tolko’s trusted quality

Guided by the same values for over 60 years, we are dedicated to sustainable manufacturing processes and quality customer service. Our mission is beyond just selling timber wood. We desire to build relationships in order to better understand our customer’s business and then provide them with the solutions, service, and market knowledge they need to succeed.

From our tough timbers to our knowledgeable Tolko team, we are committed to the success of your business.

Timber wood

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Distributing across North America with our T-LINK Product Distribution Network. View the T-LINK map to find a location in your market.

Available Sizes Lengths Available Grades Available Species Moisture Content Surfacing
3x3 to 12x12. Larger Upon Reuqest.Up to 20'NLGA paragraph 130/131, FOHC (free of heart centre), Select structural, ClearDouglas fir, Western larch, Engelmann spruce, Lodgepole pine, Western hemlockGreen timbersRough timbers

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