Supplier Resources - Tolko Industries

Welcome to the Tolko Supplier Page 

This page is intended for use by Tolko’s trade suppliers as the access point for information and resources for selling products and services to Tolko.


Woodland’s road, logging, hauling, and silviculture contractors should reach out to their local Tolko Woodlands contact for support. Details for Tolko Woodlands can be found on the Tolko Woodlands website.

Doing Business with Tolko

Tolko is committed to creating and maintaining mutually beneficial partnerships with all Suppliers. View our Terms & Conditions, Supplier Enablement, and other resources by visiting the links below.

Coupa — eProcurement

In Q3-2023, Tolko is embarking on a technology enabled eProcurement transformation using the Coupa digital procure-to-pay solution for procurement and invoicing to enhance the operation of our business and our supplier relationships.

Existing suppliers will receive communications and invitations to join the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP) from Tolko. If you have any questions, please contact Coupa Supplier Enablement.