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Whether you’re in residential/light commercial construction or structural building component manufacturing, having a trusted source for your lumber allows you to maintain your quality and peace of mind. At Tolko, we are that source for our customers.

With state-of-the-art-mills operating in Canada and the U.S., we create an array of high-quality forest products. Our cutting-edge facilities are equipped to produce a broad range of wood products that serve a variety of customers around the world.

Dimensional Lumber Mills

Mill Mill Stamp Heat Treat # Primary Product
High LevelPLIB 101CA00647Dimension, MSR
LakeviewPLIB 106CA00686Dimension, MSR
LavingtonPLIB 26CA00905Dimension

Stud Lumber Mills

Mill Mill Stamp Heat Treat # Primary Product
ArmstrongPLIB 99CA00922Stud
Soda CreekPLIB 107CA00684Stud

More Tolko Products

Explore our offering of Plywood, OSB and Engineered Wood Products.

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