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Supporting the communities where we live and work has always been important to us.

From our founder Harold Thorlakson to our current CEO Pino Pucci, our commitment has been clear: we support community-based charities in the areas where we operate that align with our values and improve people’s lives.

Today, this proud tradition of contributing to our communities continues through our Community Investment Program. Initiated in 2017, the program was designed to help us find and invest in charitable partnerships with people and organizations who are dedicated to making a long-lasting positive impact in their communities.

Our Community Investment Program focuses on two key areas: Youth at Risk and Forestry Education. By helping young people receive a healthy upbringing, from food to education, we believe that we can help raise the next generation of leaders who will create positive change in their communities, our industry, and beyond. And, by giving to programs and people involved in forestry education, we continue to build the know-how and talent pool we need to manage our forests sustainably for the future.

Throughout all our efforts, including funding, product donations, and volunteering we place a strong focus on supporting Indigenous and Aboriginal communities and initiatives within our operating areas.

The work we do with our community partners is something we are all very proud of because we see the difference it makes, every day. If you would like to know more about what we’ve done this year, have a look at our most recent annual summary.

If you live in a community where Tolko has active operations and are interested in applying for funding, please fill out the application form below.

Information You Need to Know

Subject to available funding, our financial donations program focuses on:

  • Youth at risk
  • Forestry education

We reserve the right to deny funding to organizations and applications that do not align with our values and do not meet the criteria for our community investment program.

Please apply early. In making our funding decisions, we ensure funds are distributed equitably among our operating communities and are directed to our focus areas.

Product Donations

Requests from our operating communities for product donations will be considered, subject to availability. Donations will be coordinated with our nearest division. Please submit your request using the online application form.

We will respond to all requests for financial donations within six weeks of receipt.

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