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Enhanced RV Flooring
Application: RV Flooring


Profile: Square Edge
Sanding: None
Thickness Category: 3/8", 15/32", 19/32", 23/32", 7/8"
Lengths: 24' and custom cuts
Widths: 4', 8' and custom cuts

25 Year Limited Warranty emblemWarranty

25-year limited warranty against delamination.

Durability and resilience are paramount when it comes to RVs. The unique challenges faced by RVs manufacturers require specialized materials that can withstand the rigors of life on the road. That’s where T-STRAND Pro OSB RV Flooring steps in.

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With T-STRAND Pro OSB RV Flooring, you can feel confident with the finished product, knowing our panels are APA-quality-assured and manufactured to exceed PS2 and the minimum 19/32 CAT STR 1 rating.

Elevate RV Craftsmanship with T-STRAND Pro

At Tolko, we’ve meticulously designed T-STRAND OSB RV Panels to excel in RV manufacturing. Here’s why T-STRAND Pro stands out:

T-STRAND Pro OSB RV Flooring. It’s more than just flooring—it’s a commitment to quality, performance, and setting out in the right direction.


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