History of Meadow Lake


History of Meadow Lake

This week, Brad talks about a few of the many positives of living in Meadow Lake, Sask. Our OSB mill in Meadow Lake is a great place to build a career and a life. The town is a great place to raise and family and enjoy the great outdoors. As Brad tells us, it has all the amenities of a city with the heart of a small town. If you think life in Meadow Lake could be for you, check out our opportunities at https://tolko.com/work-with-us (click Apply Now). 

Brad Constantine was selected as one of Greenest Workforce Green Dream bloggers during the summer of 2017. Brad shared some great insight into what it’s like to work in the forest industry and to live in Meadow Lake. We’ll be re-sharing Brad’s summer of blogs over the next several weeks so you can share in his adventure and more about the great opportunities that await you in the forest industry. For more information on the Greenest Workforce visit: http://thegreenestworkforce.ca/index.php/en/home/

By Brad Constantine on August 1, 2017

After living in the town of Meadow Lake for the past three months, I’ve decided to dedicate this blog to telling everyone about the history and community of Meadow Lake. Since arriving here, I have realized that there is lots to offer recreational wise within the small forestry centered town. Coming from both an agricultural and forestry background, the landscape around Meadow Lake suits it well, as it is located on the “fringe” where both my favorized background meet.

Meadow Lake is home to three mills, including Meadow Lake Mechanical Pulp Ltd. which has been operating since 1992. The second mill is Norsask Forest Products Inc. that offers lumber, pellets, and shavings to the market since the early 1980’s. And finally, there is the mill I have worked at for the summer, Meadow Lake OSB Limited. Meadow Lake OSB is the only Tolko operation In Saskatchewan. The mill was first opened in 2003 and provides quality a variety of strand board products.

Although the community relies heavily on forestry, the scenery around meadow lake is quite amazing. One spot that is a highlight of the area is Meadow Lake Provincial Park. Most of the time, I spend my weekends and evening going for a drive through the park or stopping at Kimball Lake on hot days to go for a swim and relax on the beach. Other times, I have gone camping at Flotton Lake to get out of service and connect with the wilderness again.

All in all, Meadow Lake has a lot to offer for things to do outside. It’s a perfect fit for someone whose office is in the woods. There’s excellent fishing in almost any direction of the town. I’ve learned to love the town for how unique it is. Coming from a small rural town back in New Brunswick, it provides everything of a big city with the heart of a small town.