Tolko Meadow Lake OSB Division Donates $1500 to Help Postpartum Moms

COMMUNITY: Meadow Lake

Tolko Meadow Lake OSB Division Donates $1500 to Help Postpartum Moms

Tolko’s Meadow Lake OSB division has proudly donated $1500 to a new non-profit group, A Room of Our Own, to help provide additional resources to moms suffering from Postpartum Depression (PPD) and Postpartum Anxiety.

“This donation is going to make a huge impact in our efforts to help moms and dads realize that it’s O.K. to seek help if they or their partner is struggling,” explains A Room of Our Own Founder, Lyndsey Rutz. “Whether it’s a first baby or not, there is no shame to be had in having an illness that you cannot explain or control.”

A key part of the donation will help fund Self-Care Days: a special day provided just for moms and dads to have a nice time to relax and get a guilt-free break that they deserve. These days are held every four to six weeks in addition to weekly group meetings held at various venues.

Tolko’s contribution will also help provide further awareness information on PPD and Postpartum Anxiety – currently distributed by Meadow Lake physicians and Public Health to new moms when they leave the hospital. Another area where this donation will make a huge impact is in publicity and creating awareness regarding the hidden aspect of parenthood.

This vital organization was founded by Lyndsey Rutz who experienced a gap in the community when PPD affected her own life. Her dedication to the cause is supported by her husband Greg who works at Tolko’s Meadow Lake site.

“Playing an active role in our community is important to us and seeing our employees and their families starting up new projects to help improve peoples lives in Meadow Lake is an easy endeavour to get behind,” comments Plant Manager, Trevor Brander. “We are very proud to be able to help out with families in our community.”

A Room of Our Own also brings in inspirational speakers, attends community events to promote PPD awareness and conducts Mom to Mom sessions.

Tolko is dedicated to supporting our communities with donations that are consistent with our values and contribute to the achievement of our strategic plan; create positive visibility; demonstrate social responsibility; increase employee engagement and job satisfaction, and maintain or improve our reputation in the community.

Above photo, from left to right: Greg Rutz, Lyndsey Rutz, Taylor Rutz and Trevor Brander (Tolko).