Tolko Supports Quesnel BC Minor Hockey Champions


Tolko Supports Quesnel BC Minor Hockey Champions

The Quesnel and District Minor Hockey Association hosted the final Midget Tier 2 Provincial Championships game at 7:30pm on March 22. You could feel the excitement and anticipation ripple through the crowd as the 15-17-year-old members of the Quesnel Thunder hockey team skated out into an arena packed with enthusiastic fans to square off in the final championship game against long-time rival Prince George. 

Just two weeks earlier, Quesnel Thunder had been unsuccessful in a hard-fought, best two-out-of-three series against Prince George. However, as the host team, Quesnel Thunder received a bye into the tournament for one last standoff!

And now it was down to the final game of the season! The Quesnel Thunder came out flying and took the lead early, 2-0. They pressed on and scored again, leading 3-0, but that huge lead was short-lived when Prince George came back with a vengeance and scored shortly thereafter, making it 3-1. 

Quesnel scored another goal late in third that was reciprocated with one more goal for Prince George making the score 4-2 for Quesnel Thunder. As the final seconds of the game wound down and the buzzer sounded, the audience erupted and cheered loudly for their home team. Quesnel Thunder flooded onto the ice, followed by their supportive coaching staff. They’d done it! These young men had accomplished something they didn’t believe was possible through hard work, dedication and teamwork!

The championship game, which was sponsored by Tolko’s Quest Wood Division, has sponsored this team in previous years with their firewood fundraisers and local tournaments. 

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