Fuse Caused 2011 Fire at Soda Creek Division


Fuse Caused 2011 Fire at Soda Creek Division

Media Reports Incorrectly Link to Dust

[WILLIAMS LAKE, BC] May 2, 2012 – A January 2011 fire at its Soda Creek Division was electrical – not dust-related – confirmed Tolko Industries Ltd. in response to recent media coverage stating otherwise.

While there was a fire, the investigation determined the cause was an “arc flash” from an arcing fuse in the motor control centre cabinet. There was no explosion due to dust, nor residual fires due to dust. In fact, the incident happened the day after crews returned from a shut down over Christmas holidays and a major clean up was done during that shut period. Since this electrical fire, the operation underwent third-party arc flash surveys of the electrical system to mitigate or eliminate the reoccurrence of such incidents.

A report in today’s Vancouver Sun says the January 2011 fire went unreported to WorkSafeBC. Per established practice with electrical fires of this specific nature, the report was not filed to the agency.

Though this 2011 event was not linked to dust, Tolko is taking the speculated role of dust in the recent tragedies within the industry very seriously. Rigorous housekeeping and safety audits are underway at all sites, with a focus on preventative maintenance, procedures, and emergency preparedness.



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