Gender Equality Week 2019 - "Allies & Advocates"


Gender Equality Week 2019 – “Allies & Advocates”

Over the last two weeks, you have heard from several men at Tolko about the importance of gender equality. The common theme is that gender equality is good for everyone – the girls and women in our lives, our employee engagement, the success of our company, and the sustainability of our industry.

The other common theme is that we all have a part to play – as managers, sponsors, allies, and advocates.

Tolko is committed to gender equality, a diverse workplace, and an inclusive culture. We will continue to amplify the voices of our female employees, inspire our male employees to be allies, and support our leaders to give space to those who traditionally haven’t had the same visibility or privilege. It’s not about excluding men. It’s about inviting women in. It’s about leveling the playing field so that all employees have a sense of belonging.

The role of allies and advocates is important. I feel proud and privileged to work with Dustin, Jeff, Mark, Michael, Steve and Bryan. I thank all of these men and many others at Tolko who see the value in the work we are doing in this space. Thank you for your commitment to gender equality and a culture of inclusion at Tolko.


Tanya Wick, VP People and Services