Recognizing Safety Excellence at Tolko


Recognizing Safety Excellence at Tolko

Congratulations to our employees at Lavington and Meadow Lake! They are the first divisions to be recognized under Tolko’s new Safety Recognition Program for surpassing 250,000 consecutive hours without a recordable safety incident! President and CEO, Brad Thorlakson has sent commemorative certificates and a letter of recognition to each mill.

Brad says the achievement is a significant one and this milestone “is a testament to the teamwork at the divisions and serves as an example of what can be achieved when safety is a priority for everyone.”

The new Safety Recognition program was implemented to further acknowledge the importance of safety at Tolko. It also allows us to recognize those who make the extra effort to ensure everyone goes home safe every day.

Tolko’s Meadow Lake Division was also recognized having achieved two years without a Lost Time Accident (LTA) on Nov. 11, 2017. Furthermore, as of Dec. 12, our Athabasca division celebrated 4 years without a Lost Time Accident – an all-time safety record at Tolko!

Congratulations to everyone! Creating a “culture of caring” is challenging work, so the efforts at Lavington, Meadow Lake, and Athabasca to reduce exposure to work-related injuries through continuous improvement efforts are impressive and clearly demonstrate what can be accomplished when groups of people work effectively together to ensure the safety of all employees.

We can’t wait to see who reaches the milestone next!