Recognizing Safety Milestones Across Tolko


Starting our Journey to Zero: Recognizing Safety Milestones Across Tolko

In December, we recognized employees at Lavington and Meadow Lake as the first divisions to achieve 250,000 consecutive hours without a recordable safety incident as part of Tolko’s new Safety Recognition Certificate. To commemorate the honour, President and CEO, Brad Thorlakson, recently visited each mill and presented the certificates to employees. He also presented a cheque in the amount of $1,000 to each mill to donate to the charity of their choice.

“I was proud to personally deliver this recognition to the crews at Lavington and Meadow Lake,” says Brad. “They have reached a significant milestone and their success is a testament to teamwork and serves as an example of what can be achieved when safety is a priority for everyone.”

This new certificate program was implemented as part of Tolko’s Journey to Zero – the next phase of Tolko’s strategic plan to create the culture to care and strong safety behaviours.

“We know we have done a lot of excellent work,” says Jim. “Now we want to refine our programs to reinforce the importance of employee engagement, of ensuring everyone is personally committed and empowered to act on safety in real time. We want a safety culture that is illustrated by behaviors that are consistent all the time (whether someone is watching or not), where safety is linked to our culture and is always seen as the priority (above all else).

“We believe these things as a leadership team and the next stage of our safety strategy is to ensure every employee knows this as well. We were very pleased to see this next phase of safety engagement at Tolko kick off with the Safety Recognition Certificate. It’s a small part of what we have planned and we’re looking forward to many more celebrations as the work gets underway in earnest.”

Photos: Brad Thorlakson, President and CEO presents employees at Lavington and Meadow Lake with their Safety Recognition Certificate for surpassing 250,000 consecutive hours without a recordable safety incident.