Tolkos Soda Creek stud mill reduces to two shifts


Tolkos Soda Creek stud mill reduces to two shifts

[VERNON, BC] December 16, 2008—Tolko Industries Ltd. announced that Soda Creek Division in Williams Lake, BC, will reduce operations from three to two shifts, effective January 5, 2009. With the previously announced holiday downtime, the last day of scheduled operation, subject to weather, for the affected shift is Sunday, December 22, 2008.

The market-related curtailment will affect approximately 45 employees in the sawmill, fingerjoint operation and planer, and production by 70 million board feet on an annual basis.

“It is especially difficult to make this type of announcement at this time of year,” said Ryan Oliver, Plant Manager, “and I regret the impact on our employees and their families.”

Plant management is working in cooperation with community resources to ensure assistance is available for affected employees, including transition planning workshops.

Rob Fraser Tolko Industries Ltd. General Manager, Cariboo & Alberta Lumber