Five reasons to like Tolko’s latest website updates


Five reasons to like Tolko’s latest website updates looks a little different today as phase 2 of the development plan goes live for all to see. So what’s new about the site and what does it offer visitors both internal and external? 

1. New and improved menu function
The menu has more real estate at the top of the page, and it’s also changed from a roll-over drop down to a click drop down to make it easier to control. We know that roll-over menus can have control issues and the click menu puts the control back in your hands. You click, the menu drops and you then select from the menu below. Easy peasy.

2. New focus on recruitment and employee benefits
There’s no doubt that Tolko wants to strengthen its team with strong candidates which is why, in this release, the Work with Us section has been completely revamped to help candidates understand why Tolko is a great place to work, what we can offer perspective employees, and to stress the importance of our community activities. We’ve also made it easier to find our job listings and we’ve uploaded video content to boot.

3. A new focus on our story via our Blog
With this phase, we wanted to expand our ability to tell Tolko stories via our website, so we create a Blog section. We’ll be posting regular features on things happening across the company and the people behind the initiatives. We want everyone to get to know the great people who work here!

4. Improved search capabilities
One of the things we heard about most often was how difficult it was to search for items on the site and while we’re not 100% perfect yet, we’ve certainly improved the search function in phase 2. We’re always looking to get better, though, so if you look for something and can’t find it, let us know.

5. Scroll less, control more
We’ve made the homepage shorter so there’s less to scroll down through and our front page carousel now has advance buttons, 4 dots in the left-hand corner of the banner picture, that allow you to control the speed at which the pictures slide. If you see a story you’re interested in reading, you can get to it quickly and easily now.

With phase 2, we’ve taken the look and feel of the page to the next level. As we move into phase 3, we’ll be looking at strengthening our product sections, our sustainability pages, and our community investment pages. A website is a work in progress, always evolving and changing. Today’s improvements are an important part of the journey, so take some time, look around and let us know what you think.