Why we developed PLV


Why we developed PLV

Understanding the Market

Some manufacturers are looking for strong, non-structural components for packaging, door and window frames, upholstered furniture, etc. These manufacturers are making do with wood products that have an unreliable supply, contain natural defects, don’t meet all their needs, or are simply too costly. With our excellent quality raw materials and high-performing plywood mills, we knew we could offer a better and more cost effective solution for these manufacturers.

Developing a Solution

Once we understood the market, we began developing a product that would have enhanced performance, a dependable supply, and improved consistency at a price manufacturers could afford. We developed PLV and PLV-X. Talk to us about your specific needs and we will work with you to develop a PLV solution.

Superior Strength

PLV is made from our interior mix of Douglas-fir, Larch and Spruce Metriguard rated veneer layered in parallel. This layup results in superior bending strength when the panels are ripped into narrow boards as compared to plywood. The layers provide reinforced strength along the entire board without weak spots from rot, knots, splits, etc. found in lumber.

Enhanced Fastener Holding

The layers of veneer in PLV provide extra hold for fasteners. For an even stronger hold, we offer PLV-X with cross-bands (perpendicular layer of veneer) in various layers.

Dependable Supply

Our supply of PLV is not dependent on certain tree species the way lumber is. We can produce PLV with the veneers from Douglas-fir, Larch and Spruce trees of varying sizes.
Our ability to produce PLV from E-rated veneer from multiple species, enables us to provide a more dependable supply of PLV as compared to lumber products.

Improved Consistency

PLV is an engineered wood product made up of multiple layers of veneer from different sources. This means that the final panel does not contain natural defects like wane, rot, splits, or knots throughout the thickness of the panel. It also means that once the panel is ripped into boards, they won’t bow or twist in the same way lumber can. By piecing together veneers from multiple sources, the panels and boards are more consistent from end to end.

Adding Value

ISPM-15 Exempt

Tolko’s PLV is exempt from the requirements in ISPM-15 and is safe to use for international packaging.

Environmentally Responsible

All Tolko products are manufactured to PEFC, SFM, and SFI standards. SFI fully qualifies under the LEED standard via the LEED Alternative Compliance Path process.

Exempt from Formaldehyde Regulations

HUD, CARB, and EPA TSCA Title VI exempt.

Available Sizes

Thickness: 1/2”, 5/8”, 3/4”, 7/8”, 1-1/8”, 1-3/8”, 1-1/2”, 1-5/8”, 1-3/4”
Length: 96″, 97″
Width: 48″, 49″