Supplier Enablement - Tolko Industries

Tolko has adopted Coupa, a cloud-based spend and supplier information management tool and requires no investment from Tolko suppliers. All Tolko suppliers are encouraged to enroll through the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP).

The CSP provides suppliers with an easy way to manage their information, receive purchase orders, send invoices, monitor payment status, and provide a common communication channel.

What is Coupa?

Coupa is a cloud-based purchasing and payment application that will facilitate all purchase orders, invoices, and communications being managed through the CSP.

Why we believe suppliers will like Coupa and the CSP:

  • No added costs for suppliers
  • Cloud based, no additional software or hardware required
  • Easily accessible via your email or internet browser
  • Flexible — suppliers choose the process that works best for them
  • Supplier information self-service — easily update profiles and contact information
  • E-invoicing options, convert purchase orders into invoices with a click of a button
  • Reduce paper shuffle — no need to print, email, or fax invoices
  • Greater visibility across the PO, invoicing, and billing/payment process
  • Easily track transaction history to effortlessly reconcile purchase orders, invoices, and payments

Supplier Onboarding

Existing Suppliers will receive an email from Tolko to provide the information required to begin doing business with Tolko through Coupa.

Purchase Orders will be created in Tolko’s ERP system and transmitted from Coupa.

Coupa Resources

Tolko has created an easy-to-use Supplier Reference Guide for our Tolko Suppliers. This excellent reference tool is also a great starting point to understand how easy it is to get set up on Coupa.

Within the reference guide are also quick links to the Coupa Compass — For Suppliers that can help with supplier setups.