Building futures


Building futures

Tolko’s student recruitment program helps build solid foundations

Brandt Dollekamp is an enthusiastic and focussed third-year Forestry student at the University of Alberta. Having spent the last three summers working for Tolko’s High Level Division, we asked him to share his thoughts and perspective on his experiences with us:

“I chose to work for Tolko’s High Level Division as a summer student because they offer great benefits such as housing to help me save for school; the pay is great; and they hire very early in the school year, which makes it easier for me to make plans. Tolko cares for its employees and values their safety. These are just a few reasons to work for Tolko.”

“I have made some great friends over the past three years working as a summer student at Tolko’s High Level Division. My supervisors encouraged me to get as much experience as I wanted and allowed me to work as a leader with other supervisors and students. They were always willing to answer any questions I had.”

“Tolko has helped me with educational and career goals by allowing me to grow at a pace that I’m comfortable with. I was able to learn first-hand how to run a crew, plan my days, and solve problems as they happen. Tolko builds its employees from the ground up, and over the past few summers, I have truly seen proof of that. I hope to be with the company for many more years to come.”