In Her Boots event promotes women in industry


In Her Boots event promotes women in industry

On October 11, Tolko and North West College presented a special event called “In Her Boots! Aspiring Women In Industry” at the Meadow Lake Civic Centre.

Tolko leaders and employees of the Meadow Lake team shared information and experience about their careers in trades while highlighting upcoming training programs available. One of the goals at our Meadow Lake division is to foster diversity by attracting and retaining more female applicants.

Women have traditionally been less likely to seek out roles in the forestry industry and mill environment, and this event was just one way to increase awareness of what Tolko has to offer.

The event generated an excellent response from both attendees and participants:

“The interaction we had with the ladies at the booths, learning about each department in the mill was very effective. Our panel discussion with myself and four other women was very personal, from discussions about shift work and juggling family life, to being a confident female in the workplace. Janis Simpkins also told her story which was very empowering. The evening was an overall success.”
– Markie Siklenka, Purchasing Team Lead at Tolko Meadow Lake

“A huge thank you to everyone at Tolko who put their time and effort into an inspiring evening for Women, by Women. It was a great way for the ladies within the industry to showcase themselves as well as women who are maybe looking to gain a career in the sector. The speakers were very personable, and I think we could all relate to each speaker as they told a little about themselves and their achievements. As for myself, being a female contractor in a male-dominated work force, I’ve learned that regardless of the level of experience you might have, every woman has the power to make a difference in their field and in the lives of others. And the more you learn on the job, the more powerful you will become to initiate real change.“
– Jenay Larsen, owner of RYTT Contracting, a 100% female and Indigenous-owned company

“In Her Boots achieved all of what we had hoped for. A full house of women in our community came out to hear about women working in industry, dismissing the myths surrounding women working in an industrial environment. I couldn’t be prouder of the women from our mill. These women have not only excelled in their roles but have also demonstrated remarkable leadership qualities and a strong commitment to the values and goals of our company. Their stories and career paths they shared not only reflect their individual capabilities but also the supportive and inclusive environment that Tolko fosters.”
– Sherri Roger, HR Business Partner at Tolko Meadow Lake