Living Tolko’s Values: Congratulations to three more winners!


Living Tolko’s Values: Congratulations to three more winners!

Tolko’s company Values are a foundation for a vibrant workforce that improves the productivity and morale of the entire company. Employees who adopt these Values as their own help create a safe and rewarding work environment. Earlier this year, we announced that twelve employees were given Tolko’s Values Award for consistently demonstrating Tolko’s Values of Safety, Respect, Progressiveness, Integrity, Open Communication, and Profit in 2020.

We’re pleased to highlight our last group of three employees who consistently demonstrate Tolko’s values: Roy Betts, Sawmill Chargehand, Safety at Lakeview Lumber, Anita Beaulieu, Stores Technician at our Athabasca Division, and Russel Parr, Forklift Operator who works at several of our Okanagan mills. They shared their thoughts with us about what living Tolko’s Values means to them.

Roy Betts, Lakeview Lumber Division

Roy: I was surprised and honored to receive this award, thank you. Tolko’s Values are key to a successful business, and I strongly believe these Values have made Lakeview Lumber a safe and productive mill. I try to lead by example on and off the job. Don’t just put Tolko’s Values away in your locker at the end of the shift, work safely at home and at play. Treat everyone with Respect, remember, a dictator will never earn respect, a person with integrity who shows Respect will.

Anita Beaulieu, Athabasca Division

Anita: I believe that living Tolko’s Values are important because little things can have a huge impact on you and your fellow co-workers. I am passionate about Safety and Respect. I always enjoy hearing stories from my teammates about the adventures they’ve had in life – all because they went home safe at the end of the work day because they do the right thing even if no-one is watching. When it comes to the Value of Respect, a favourite saying that I like to share with others is: “If they don’t respect, appreciate, and value you, then they don’t deserve you”. I feel that this is an important Value to take with you everywhere you go.

Russel Parr, Armstrong Plywood, White Valley, and Lake Country Division

Russel: I’ve been with Armstrong Plywood since July 1982 and during my career, I believe that demonstrating Tolko’s Values, especially Open Communication has resonated the most with me.

Congratulations Roy, Anita, and Russel on your awards, and for living Tolko’s Values!