Spotlighting the Tolko Community Citizen Award Nominees


Spotlighting the Tolko Community Citizen Award Nominees

Tolko has recently celebrated Rajinder Saini and Kevin Rutt as our two winners of the 2021 Community Citizen Award, but we also wanted to shine a spotlight on all the nominated Tolko employees who contribute to the communities in which they live and work.

Let’s meet the other nominees:

Valerie Payne, Shipping Clerk at Athabasca

  • Valerie has been collecting recyclable cans and bottles at the mill for over eight years. She sorts them and takes them to the bottle depot on her own time, and she has now raised over $17,000. The money she collects is donated to several causes, including long-term care residents, the food bank, Santa’s anonymous, Roland Michener school band, the fire department, Girl Guides, and more. Valerie is also a member of the Elks Club.

Almer Fletcher, Plywood Supervisor at Heffley Creek

  • Almer has coached many new employees as an exceptional leader. He supports his fellow supervisors in teaching and mentoring opportunities, he follows up with their progress and advancements, and he encourages growth. Almer applies this to his colleagues, his workers, and his friends. He has put exceptional time into advancing the next generation of workers and supervisors and raising the bar for safety, quality, and innovation for the company.

Jeremy Staples, Production Team Leader at Athabasca

  • Jeremy took the initiative to start a food drive for the town’s local homeless shelter and is involved in the development of leaders at Athabasca, which promotes Integrity and Respect — two of the core Tolko values. He also serves as a local firefighter in the small community, which speaks to how he handles himself outside the company as a role model for everyone.

Dave Bissell, Quality Control Supervisor at Heffley Creek

  • Dave conducted the annual “No shave November” in 2021 to raise money to fight prostate cancer. Dave spent a lot his own time to plan, organize, and bring attention to the prostate cancer issue. He also shared his compassion in helping those who may be directly or indirectly impacted by cancer by sharing Tolko resources such as EFAP. Dave made the event as inclusive as possible for everyone — those that could not grow a beard or mustache were able to wear a fake mustache for the poster.

Krista Stinn, Administrative Assistant at Armstrong

  • Last summer, families and livestock were displaced during the BC wildfires. Krista stepped up to help a local Armstrong resident by taking in four horses on a moment’s notice and boarding them for two weeks until the smoke cleared. Her actions even inspired others to donate to a local horse charity. Krista is also on the Armstrong donations committee and has been instrumental in coordination of Armstrong Division charity donations.

Paula Baulne, Accounts Payable Clerk at Armstrong

  • During the Armstrong wildfires in 2021, Paula rescued a horse that had been left behind on its property when the inhabitants had to evacuate. Paula couldn’t stand the thought of the horse being left behind, so she and her daughter drove to the area, the daughter drove back to town, and Paula and the horse walked to Armstrong’s IPE grounds. Paula then successfully worked to get the horse a forever home.