Staying Outdoors got a Little More Comfortable Thanks to Tolko

COMMUNITY: Lavington

Staying outdoors got a little more comfortable thanks to Tolko’s Lavington Division

Lindsey Whitbread, Arne Flaten and Melyssa Edwards of Tolko’s Lavington Planer Mill presented picnic tables, made by production employee Troy Loose, for the children and parents of Cedar Bridge School in Lumby, BC.

Cedar Bridge is an Okanagan Waldorf School that is dedicated to teaching kids through the Waldorf curriculum – an academically rigorous, artistic, and experience-based way of teaching that best serves the developmental stages of childhood.

The four picnic tables donated by Tolko will serve over 80 students from preschool to elementary as a significant portion of children’s learning is developed outdoors with activities like gardening, nature walks, and outdoor free play to name a few.