Tolko Celebrates National Indigenous Peoples’ Day


Tolko Celebrates National Indigenous Peoples’ Day

At Tolko, we’re passionate and committed to creating a more inclusive and diverse workplace for everyone. In 2019, the percentage of Tolko’s Indigenous workforce was about 9%, which is up from 7.8% in 2017. In addition, over 17% of our new hires in 2019 self-identified as Indigenous. While we’re encouraged by the progress we’ve made along our inclusion journey, we also acknowledge that there is much more work to be done. Tolko launched its Diversity and Inclusion Steering Committee (DISC) in 2018 with a mandate to champion diversity and inclusion by understanding and promoting the value of a diverse and inclusive workforce and serve as visible change leaders for the organization.

We recently spoke with Clinton Mccallum, a Production Technician from our Meadow Lake Division in Saskatchewan. Clinton, who identifies as First Nations and is our newest DISC member shared his thoughts on what National Indigenous People’s Day means to him and how he believes Tolko can become a more diverse and inclusive organization. His knowledge, enthusiasm, and heritage have also brought a fresh perspective to the DISC.

“I became a DISC member because I wanted to encourage more First Nations employees to pursue leadership roles and help further diversify management,” says Clinton. “To me, National Indigenous Peoples’ Day is a genuine attempt at reconciliation and a way that  Canadians can honour and acknowledge the culture and contributions of Canada’s Indigenous Peoples.”

“It also helps Canadians learn more about Indigenous and First Nations’ history and culture, and to share this knowledge with friends and family,” adds Clinton.