Increased BC forest revenue sharing with First Nations


Increased BC forest revenue sharing with First Nations

Tolko’s statement on increased BC forest revenue sharing with First Nations.

Vernon, B.C. — Tolko welcomes the British Columbia government’s announcement that it will increase the amount of forestry revenues that will be shared with First Nations across the province. This is a step in the right direction in terms of reconciliation with Indigenous peoples. It is meaningful action with real commitment to the government’s stated intentions to modernize provincial forest policy, including as it relates to the participation of First Nations in the forestry industry.

While there are a number of significant challenges facing BC’s forestry industry — most notably around fibre availability and cost — we have always been optimistic that a modern, thriving, and sustainable industry is achievable. As a company, we are very eager to play a leadership role in building that future and working to ensure a more prominent role and position for First Nations in BC forestry.

Increasing revenue sharing is a key part of this, but it is not simply a matter of financial resources. In our view, success in creating a thriving and sustainable sector will require engagement, creativity, and collaboration by all three parties: industry and companies like ours, First Nations, and the government. Specifically, that will require coming to a common understanding of what is required to confront the challenges facing the industry, and a common agreement on where and how resources should be allocated. Priority will need to be placed on issues like secure fibre access, First Nations forestry capacity building, transitional supports as that capacity ramps up, and addressing the costs of re-orienting supply chains. All three parties will need to work closely together if true success is to be achieved.

The provincial government’s announcement is a meaningful step. We look forward to actively participating in the co-development of a new forestry model in the weeks and months ahead.

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