Sack Manufacturers to Benefit from Increased Strength for Kraft Paper


Sack Manufacturers to Benefit from Increased Strength for Kraft Paper

[The Pas, MB] April 29, 2013- Tolko’s strong drive for innovation and the market demand for stronger paper has led the company’s paper mill in The Pas, Manitoba to concentrate on further enhancements to its Kraft papers.

Known internationally for its SPK and SPX brands in the sack manufacturing markets, Tolko’s Manitoba Kraft Paper Division is focusing on increasing the cross direction and machine direction strength of all its paper grades, providing the advantage of a higher balanced tensile energy absorption (TEA) to customers worldwide.

“Many of our customers around the world have very modern operations with ever increasing demands and we need to make sure we meet and exceed their requirements,” said Blair Rydberg, Tolko’s site manager, Manitoba operations. “Thanks to the efforts of our team of specialists, led by production manager Juha Jarvinen, the natural strength of our slow-growing fibre in Manitoba and the use of the only air-borne drying process in North America, we already have a strong reputation in the market, providing excellent sack conversion performance and end user satisfaction.”

Rydberg continued, “We have committed further capital for the installation of a Voith DuoShake™ during the fall of 2013 to achieve additional improvements in strength for our products. The Voith DuoShake™ works on the principle of creating cross directional turbulence pulses on the forming section by physically oscillating the breast roll or forming fabric thereby allowing for mechanical control of fibre alignment during the paper sheet forming process.”

Jarvinen added, “The final product specifications will be published after installation of the unit. We also expect to have the ability to increase the operating speed of the paper machine, as there are secondary benefits in improved drainage, associated with this equipment once installed.” “We are looking forward to completing this project by the end of the year and will be providing more details as we move forward,” said Rydberg.

All of Tolko’s woodlands are certified to CSA Z809-Canada’s National Sustainable Forest Management Standard. In addition, all of its mills and woodlands are certified to the PEFC-endorsed Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) standards to ensure all raw fibre is sourced from legal and authorized sources. The Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) is an international non-profit, non-governmental organization dedicated to promoting Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) through independent third-party certification. Tolko is also a signatory to the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement.

Interested parties are welcome to contact Premium 1 Papers (P1P) at for more information on this project or some of our other products. More information on our existing products is available at:

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Founded in 1956, Tolko Industries Ltd. is a private, Canadian-owned forest products company based in Vernon, British Columbia with approximately 3,000 employees. Tolko is a major producer and marketer of lumber, veneer, plywood, oriented strand board, and kraft papers, with manufacturing operations across Western Canada.

Its commitment to continual improvement is emphasized in the company’s vision, corporate values and environmental policies. Tolko is also a member of the Forest Products Association of Canada and a signatory to the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement.

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Premium 1 Papers is a joint sales and marketing partnership between Canfor Pulp Limited Partnership and Tolko Marketing and Sales Ltd. to market their bleached and unbleached kraft paper products together to offer high quality, high performance packaging products.


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