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Update 2: Fire at Tolko’s Lakeview Mill

Williams Lake, British Columbia (Friday, November 3, 2017: 4:51 p.m.). Thanks to the efforts of our on-site Tolko crew and Williams Lake and area firefighters, the fire at our Lakeview sawmill has been declared officially extinguished. Over the coming days, we will have sparkwatch on 24 hours a day to monitor the situation to ensure there are no further issues or flare-ups.

The Lakeview Planer will return to operation on Monday with 3 shifts.

Tomorrow, structural engineers will be on site to begin assessing the fire damage. When we have a better understanding of the impact, we can begin to develop a recovery plan to return the sawmill to full operations.

Thank you to everyone for your dedication and determination over the last 24 hours. Due to your efforts, the situation was resolved without injury.

Further updates will be provided as required.