Tolko's New Energy Plant that will Reduce Alberta’s Carbon Footprint


Tolko breaks ground on new energy plant that will reduce Alberta’s carbon footprint

A year from now, High Level, Alberta will have a new energy plant that can significantly reduce the town’s carbon footprint.

“We’re excited to bring this project to the community,” said Dave Gillespie, Plant Manager for Tolko’s High Level division. “This is a part of our commitment to long-term sustainability and to the community.”

The new energy plant will consume most of the bark produced at the mill and will use a state-of-the-art filtration device called an electrostatic precipitator to minimize air emissions. The precipitator applies a high-voltage electrostatic charge to the exhausted dust and collects the particles onto charged plates. On top of that, the new energy plant will reduce the natural gas used in the lumber drying process by replacing it with bioenergy.

The energy plant will also be a source of green bioenergy for Tolko’s new pellet plant that will commence operations in 2020.