Upgrade to T-TEC LSL


Upgrade to T-TEC LSL

Builders are switching to T-TEC LSL Wall framing.

As lumber prices reach higher levels, builders are now switching to Tolko’s T-TEC LSL wall framing. Builders and their trades immediately recognize the benefits – speed of construction, quality finish, lack of waste and 50 year limited warranty. T-TEC LSL is readily available through our network of reloads.

The decision to switch should be easy. Learn more about T-TEC LSL Wall Framing


Tolko’s T-TEC LSL is made up of 7 inch long strands of fibre bonded together in a parallel formation for superior dimensional stability. The wall framing is cut with precision and does not have the imperfections associated with traditional lumber like wane, splits or checks. They are then dried to a specific moisture content, so there is no twisting or warping. T-TEC LSL products are straighter, truer, and more consistent than sawn lumber.


  • Perfectly straight – no crowning, twisting or warping
  • Engineered precision – no wane or pitch pockets
  • Consistent quality – every piece is on grade which means faster framing and no time wasted evaluating each board
  • Superior finish – results in flat wall surfaces for drywall, cabinets and tile which saves time for sub trades
  • Made to order – customers can specify the exact tally they want
  • 50 year limited warranty – builder confidence and assurance

This is your opportunity to try T-TEC LSL without paying more for the benefits.

Contact our EWP sales team for pricing and availability.