Celebrating our next three Tolko Values Award winners!


Celebrating our next three Tolko Values Award winners!

Tolko’s company values are a foundation for a vibrant workforce that improves the productivity and morale of the entire company. Employees who adopt these values as their own help create a safe and rewarding work environment. Earlier this year, we announced that twelve employees were given Tolko’s Values Award for consistently demonstrating Tolko’s values of Safety, Respect, Progressiveness, Integrity, Open Communication, and Profit in 2020.

We’re pleased to share with you the stories of three more employees who consistently demonstrate Tolko’s values: Brandon Francks, Electrical Team Leader with High Prairie Division, Jim Mork, Maintenance Superintendent with Soda Creek Division, and Ryan Langley, Millwright Chargehand, Lavington Division.

CC: Why is demonstrating Tolko’s values important to you, and why do you think all employees should incorporate Tolko’s values?


Brandon Francks, High Prairie, AB

Brandon: Tolko lives by a great standard. I have a strong safety background so when it comes to workplace safety, I try to lead by example. I believe that we should all look out for one another and be able to talk openly about issues and become a stronger team by doing so. Some days will be more difficult than others, but I think that with Tolko’s core values that everyone has an opportunity to make each day great. When everyone at work demonstrates Tolko’s values it tends to encourage people to take the initiative to always treat others with dignity and respect. When you bring these values home, it helps create a better atmosphere for your family too!

Jim Mork, Soda Creek, BC

Jim: I live Tolko values by treating family members, co-workers, and business partners with integrity and respect every day. I believe that demonstrating Tolko values helps all of us promote respectful conduct while staying focused on our goals whether we’re at work or at home. I appreciate working with others who share these same values because the communication is positive and ideas flow. It’s great to be able to help each other improve in many ways. I will always appreciate Tolko for providing and supporting these guiding values.

Ryan Langley, Lavington, BC

Ryan: I believe that the Tolko values are key to the success of our division. In particular, Open Communication with my peers and superiors at work helps create a safer and more respectful work environment, allowing us to get our jobs done more efficiently. Being Progressive in finding new ways to improve uptime is an important aspect of my job, and therefore, generates greater Profit for the company. By demonstrating Respect and Integrity every day, we all create a healthy and successful work environment for everyone. Treating my co-workers with Respect creates stronger work relationships that are built on trust, which in turn leads to a more productive team overall. Most of all, providing an environment that consists of these values and practicing them at home gives my children the tools they need to become successful in their personal and professional lives.

Congratulations Brandon, Jim, and Ryan on your achievements and for living Tolko’s values!


Our other 2020 Values Award winners:
Andy Hatch, Chris Rende, & Travis Romanchuk
Terry Head, Leslie Joles, & Bradley Wilkinson